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Do you run your own business?  Veterans can register with the State of MN to be informed of business opportunities within the state government for veteran owned businesses 


Check out

Beyond the Yellow Ribbon, Chanhassen

and the national site

Beyond the Yellow Ribbon

for Veteran's Support

Helping Paws - Helping Veteran's with PTSD


Here are some other Veteran Links

This web page contains links to other sites that we feel will be of interest or benefit our membership or any veteran that visits our site. If you have other sites that would meet the criteria above, please feel free to email and it will be reviewed by the commander for posting.

Check this link out for information about a little known Veterans Pension Program.  See if you qualify

 Dept of Veterans Affairs - Veterans Pension Program


 Social Security Information/Benefits Web Site

 Check out this website for information regarding Social Security Benefits

Social Security and Disability Resource

 Special Extra Earning for Military Service

Extra Social Security benefit may be available for individuals who served on active duty from January 1957 to December 31, 2001. You may qualify for a higher Social Security payment for your military service. Visit the social security website at: to find out more information on how to possibly increase your Social Security benefits

Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs

 Program to Honor WWII Vets
 Asbestos and Mesotelioma Sites

Veteran's Day Appreciation Events and Other Discounts
 Nike People
 Farmer Veteran Coalition

The Vietnam Wall 

First click on a state.  When it opens, scroll down to the city and the names will appear.  Then click on their names.  It should show you a picture of the person, or at least their bio and medals.  This really is an amazing web site.  Someone spent a lot of time and effort to create it.  I hope that everyone who receives this appreciates what those who served in Vietnam sacrificed for our country.  The link below is a virtual wall of all those lost during the Vietnam war with the names, bio's and other information on our lost heroes. Those who remember that time frame, or perhaps lost friends or family can look them up on this site.


79 Year Old Marine Corp Vet Running 24 Hour Marathon


Helping Web Sites and Phone Numbers

At sometime in life we all need help or know people who need help.  This web page provides links and phone numbers to help people with a variety of life's issues and challenges....

Veteran's Crisis Hotline  

   1-800-273-8255 and press 1
Call The Men's Line 7x24


    612-379-6367 Minneapolis Metro

     866-379-6367 Greater MN

Minnesota Suicide & Crisis Hotlines


HSI Crisis Connection - 24/7 Crisis Line

     612-379-6363 or 1-866-379-6363

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Center for Disease and Control


Poison Control Center

Child Abuse Hotline

     651-296-8337 (after hours call 911)  Dept. of Human Services

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

Shelters for Abused Spouses      1-800-799-SAFE (7233) to get immediate help and support and find a family violence program in your area.

Cost-Free health care for separated former Active Duty and Reserve/National Guard OEF/OIF/OND Veterans. (National site) 

Minneapolis VA Health Care System (Local site)

 VA provides five years of cost-free health care to OEF/OIF Veterans for any injury or illness associated with your service.

If you know of another website or phone number that will help our veterans, their friends and family please send an email to